A Public Monument is the commemoration of a personage or a historical fact, but it is also art in the public space. In this way the monuments are a clear example that as the heritage is alive and we must value it and be aware of its importance, especially its country protection. In the sector where the project “ALAMEDA” is located, we can find a large part of these patrimonial monuments, which have been an important part of the historical facts of the formation of both the region and our country.

Characters such as Manuel Antonio Matta, Juan Godoy, the railway station or the regional museum of Atacama are some of the attractions we can find and are part of the foundational imaginary of our history.

These places undoubtedly contribute to a better knowledge of the small histories that make up each of the cities and by extension of our national, regional and local history. And that permanently value the facts of our city and region, to know our own history in the public space.

Raúl Céspedes Valenzuela.
Regional Museum of Atacama